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Who We Are

Keys Apparel isn't just another company that sells some dog stuff. And we're also not just another charity-driven business. Our whole model is centered around the social and entrepreneurial advancement of women and girls that have been affected by or are at risk of human trafficking. Learn more about our mission.


Providing stylish and desirable dog apparel while supporting and maintaining social awareness and justice.

Keys Apparel is a business committed to social justice. By design, we exist to help stimulate the success of the Anti-Human Trafficking movement. We achieve this by partnering with various non-profit organizations that are at the front lines of the movement. These organizations offer women and girls an income-earning alternative to the dark world of human trafficking. Our model is designed to connect these organizations to the international marketplace. Ultimately, your purchase is helping offer victims empowerment, vocational training, safety and supplies.

Our Model

Our Story

Luke Cole and Jared Flower love their dogs. They also have an unyielding desire to take action against social injustices. So when the idea of starting a business that combined these two passions surfaced in a casual conversation in 2011, the answer was a resounding “Yes.” They wanted to make a practical, likeable, and most importantly, life-changing product. Luke and Jared both have strong ties to family and friends who are involved with organizations on the front lines of the battle against modern day slavery. Keys Apparel is simply a way to open a channel of support that unites these two worlds.

We have partnered with various organizations to make pet apparel that is hand-made by rescued victims of human trafficking. The product helps sustain social justice organizations across the United States and around the world. In simple terms: love your pet, love people.

Our Team